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Our company is exporting second hand and new containers to worldwide.

We have large quantities of second hand and brand new containers in ourstock.

Our used 20ft and 40ft containers are excellent condition and inexpensive option for use for shipment,storage and office purposes.

Containers are normally available in a range of base colours like blue, brown, green and grey.

Our prices are always competitive. 

Here is the container models that we can deliver to any country;

  • Office Container
  • 20’ Standard Dry Container
  • 40’ Standard Dry Container
  • 40-feet High Cube Container
  • 45-feet High Cube Container
  • 20-feet Refrigerated Container
  • 40-feet Refrigerated Container
  • 40-feet High Cube Refrigerated Container
  • 20-feet Insulated Container
  • 20-feet Open Top Container
  • 40-feet Open Top Container

Our Contact Details

Turkel Group

Çakıl Mah.Elbasan Cad.

No 75/A Istanbul Turkey

Tel: +90 212 776 40 30

Fax: +90 212 776 40 95

Mobile: +90 532 730 54 00




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