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Our company is exporting used construction and manufacturing equipments from Turkey to worldwide.

  • Our company are exporting all kind and type of construction equipments to worldwide.
  • All of our equipments are well maintained on the time.
  • We're selecting our used equipments as very meticulously.
  • Most of our equipments are first hand and has a low hour.
  • We're making all necessary documents for our equipments , our clients are importing these equipments without any problem in customs.
  • Also we can meet the demand with our superior customer service like new and used parts from Turkey as reasonable prices.
  • If you need any type of used construction equipments , please just contact with us and we will let you know our best prices.


Our Contact Details

Turkel Group

Çakıl Mah.Elbasan Cad.

No 75/A Istanbul Turkey

Tel: +90 212 776 40 30

Fax: +90 212 776 40 95

Mobile: +90 532 730 54 00



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