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Turkel Group Dunya Medical is supplying high quality packed wet wipes like various pack types as private labels.

We're proudly exporting many kind of packed wet wipes to worldwide.

Our company is using high-tech servo motor system to produce wet wipes and company achieved CE, SGS,GMP,COC,ITS certification as well.

Professional OEM private brand team, providing free product package design and a variety of wet wipes material customization and suggestion services.

We are providing customized wipes of around 100+brands  in many countries and areas.

All the packed products can be made by customer's private label.

Our Main Products are follows;

  • Anti Bacterial Sterilized Disposable cleaning Wet Tissue
  • Wet Tissue
  • Wet Wipes
  • Wet Towels
  • Make-Up Removal Wet Wipes
  • Genital Hygienic Wet Wipes
  • Airline Wet Wipes
  • Alcohol Wet Wipes
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Alcohol Wet Wipes
  • Pocket Wet Wipes
  • Promotional Custom Printed Wet Wipes
  • Mobile Phone Lens Screen Cleaning Wet Wipes

Our factories and warehouses located in Istanbul and Tekirdag, Turkey

Wet wipess are ideally suited to guest room amenities, dining facilities and wellness centres.

Wet wipes are extremely versatile, and can be used anywhere, anytime.

We are OEM factory, and we can customize your need shape, size and packaging with your logo.


Central Headoffice & Main Factory: Vakıflar OSB Mah. D-100 Cad. No 15 Ergene / Tekirdağ
Tel: +90 0212 776 40 30 Fax: +90 0212 776 40 95

WhatsApp: +90 532 730 54 00


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  • Anti Bacterial Sterilized Disposable cleaning Wet Tissue Turkey
  • Wet Tissue Turkey
  • Wet Wipes Turkey
  • Wet Towels Turkey
  • Make-Up Removal Wet Wipes Turkey
  • Genital Hygienic Wet Wipes Turkey
  • Alcohol Wet Wipes Turkey
  • Pocket Wet Wipes Turkey
  • Mobile Phone Lens Screen Cleaning Wet Wipes Turkey
  • Airline Wet Wipes
  • Alcohol Swab Turkey
  • Alcohol Swabs Turkey
  • Promotional Wet Wipe Turkey
  • Promotional Wet Wipes
  • Custom Printed Wet Wipes