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Turkel Group have a wide range of high-quality products which can be proved by Turkish certificates.

The company delivers agricultural products almost around the world by trucks, containers, and trains.

Our main goal is concentrating on requirement our customers for further partnership.

Agriculture is one of the hugest sectors of Turkish economics. 

A lot of agriculture products are well known all over the world.

In due to favorable climatic parameters of our country we can cultivate most of the known farm crops on our large area.

Our wheat flour is produced from best Turkish soft white milling wheat.

Comming a new Crop 2020 !

Our extra grade wheat flour has a bright white color.

It is used for bread baking (croissants, baguettes, brioche, chouquettes) and

confectionery (pies, cakes, cookies) of high quality, used for a flaky, short pastry and yeast dough, noodles.

Wheat flour -- made by grinding whole wheat grain kernels into a fine powder -- makes up a key ingredient of many staple foods in the average American diet, including bread and pasta.

Although the popularity of high-protein or gluten-free diets has caused many dieters to avoid foods made from wheat flour, it contains several essential nutrients that contribute to good health.   


Wheat Flour of premium grade - 1 kg
Wheat Flour of premium grade - 3 kg
Wheat Flour of premium grade - 25 kg
Wheat Flour of premium grade - 50 kg

Wheat Flour of first grade - 25 kg
Wheat Flour of first grade - 50 kg


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